Emelie Arvidsson


About Me

I am the Kollár research assistant professor at the University of Utah since August 2022. My post-doctoral mentor is Christopher Hacon.  I did my Phd at école polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (Sep  2017- Aug 2021) and I was a member at the institute for advanced study  Sep 2021 -July 2022. I hold a grant from SNF that will finance my research 2022-2023 and 2024-2025. I'm co-organising the University of Utah Algebraic Geometry seminar since September 2023. 


Publications and preprints submitted for publication

On the properness of the moduli space of stable surfaces over Z[1/30], accepted for publication in Moduli, Foundation Compositio Mathematica  (with F. Bernasconi and Zs. Patakfalvi)  arXiv.2302.05651 

On the Kawamata Viehweg vanishing theorem for del Pezzo surfaces in positive characteristics, Compositio Mathematica, 2022 (with F. Bernasconi and J. Lacini ) Compos. Math. 

On the Kodaira vanishing theorem for del Pezzo surfaces in positive characteristics, Math. Zeitshrift, 2021 Math. Z 

Normality of minimal log canonical centers of threefolds in mixed and positive characteristic,  Submitted, 2023 (with Q. Posva) arxiv.2302.07329 

On a vanishing theorem for birational morphisms of threefolds in positive and mixed characteristic, Submitted, 2023 arXiv.2302.04420 


Birational invariance of the étale cohomology of the top-log sheaves and the constant étale sheaf Z/pZ for smooth schemes over a perfect field of characteristic p, Master thesis adviced by Kay Rülling Freie Universität Berlin, 2017

Upcoming and recent invited talks

June 10-15, 2024, EPIGA conference in algebraic geometry, Institut Henri Poincare, Paris

22-26 April, 2024, Aritmetic Geometry, On the occasion of Hélène Esnault's 70th birthday, IHES, Paris

16 April, 2024, John Hopkins Algebraic Geometry Seminar, John Hopkins University

November 28,  2023, Harvard- MIT Algebraic Geometry seminar, Harvard University

November 4-5, 2023, Western Algebraic Geometry Seminar Fall 2023, Washington University in s.t Louis

October 17-21, 2023, 2023 Fields Medal Symposium, Fields institute Toronto, Ontario

May 15-20, 2023, Algebraic Geometry and Cohomology in Mixed Characteristic workshop in celebration of Bhargav Bhatt’s Nemmers Prize, Northwestern

May 6-12, 2023, Special month on Algebraic Geometry in mixed characteristic in Ann Arbor, University of Michigan

Nov. 29, 2022, University of Utah AG seminar, University of Utah

Oct. 22-23, 2022, AMS Western Sectional Meeting, Salt Lake City 

July 10-16, 2022,  Algebraic Geometry: Moduli Spaces, Birational Geometry and Derived Aspects, Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, Oberwolfach 

April 15, 2022, University of Michigan Algebraic Geometry seminar, Ann Arbor 

Feb. 2022 Institute for Advanced Study What is --? -seminar, Princeton

Oct. 27 2021 Stockholm ZOOM seminar, Stockholm

Sep. 28 2021, Princeton Algebraic Geometry seminar, Princeton

Sep 15 2021, Short talks by postdoctoral members, Institute for Advanved Study


SS 2024 I am the instructor of Calculus 2 1220-005

WS 2023 I was the instructor for Calculus 1 1210-021